Morocco has joined the countries developing a solar PV-quality label

On 4 December 2018, the Moroccan quality label for photovoltaic (PV) systems’ installers named "taqa pro" was launched in the presence of the Moroccan Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development (MEMDD) ,leaders of the RE Association (AMISOLE), the Energy Efficiency Agency (AMEE) and Morocco’s Solar Cluster. Around 200 representatives from the solar and financial sectors as well as public and research institutions participated in this milestone launch in Casablanca.

The label was developed in the framework of the German-Moroccan Energy Partnership (PAREMA) – commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) - with GIZ support and the contribution of Germany’s BSW-Solar Association.

Taqa pro was developed to respond to increasing quality issues in a growing PV sector in Morocco, which may grow exponentially when integration of PV into the grid is eventually enabled in the years to come. The process also aimed at strengthening AMISOLE as an institution.

The label targets not only to register installers of small and medium-sized PV systems  but also to allow users to benefit from a reliable and sustainable installation meeting their needs. The label comprises a control list of key norms and technical standards for installers, three different training programmes, a self-commitment charter for installers, an online platform on which certified installers are registered, and a customer control system.

The four Moroccan partners signed a joint convention to manage the label jointly from January 2019 on. The first PV installers are to be trained in spring 2019. Next year Morocco’s GIZ regional energy programmes may help with disseminating the label within Morocco’s regions, where quality issues are the most acute.