Successful launch of activities on “Power to X” and its opportunities in Morocco

Activities on “Power to X” in Morocco have received Ministerial commitment within the framework of the German-Moroccan-Energy Partnership (PAREMA).

On 11 February 2019, a PAREMA workshop on "Power to X” (PtX) and its opportunities in Morocco was held in partnership with the Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) and in presence of Minister of Energy Rabbah. It presented and discussed two preliminary studies carried out by Fraunhofer IWES and institutes, respectively on the market and technologies for PtX (funded by IRESEN) and the opportunities, potential and recommendations for Morocco (funded by GIZ PAREMA).

Given the important potential in wind and solar energy, Morocco could capture a significant share of the world demand for PtX, estimated at 2-4% in 2030. The geographic proximity to Europe may facilitate exports of liquids and reduce emissions related to transport in the long-term. Morocco’s local market gives enough reasons for the development of "green ammonia" as it offers opportunities to meet the needs of its huge fertiliser industry, and the international market in the longer term.

The Minister of Energy has called for the creation of a national task force in charge of preparing a PtX roadmap, as well as the elaboration of a new in-depth study to prepare the roadmap for the PtX in Morocco. A study tour in Germany and Europe is also foreseen for this year.

PtX consists on converting electricity from renewables into gaseous or liquid fuels or chemicals for long-haul trucking, aviation or industry uses.