Creation of the Moroccan Energy Partnership

The German-Moroccan Energy Partnership PAREMA was created by the signing in Berlin of declaration of intent between the German federal Minister for the Economy and technology Philipp Rösler and the Moroccan Minister for Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment Fouad Douiri. A reinforced cooperation on renewable energy, energy efficiency and electrical grid integration, research and development as well as the setting of a steering committee and two working groups were agreed.  

Under the double objective to guarantee security of energy supply and environmental protection, the agreement prioritised cooperation on renewable energy at public and private levels, in particular by the establishment of stable framework conditions for sustainable energy policies, capacity building and institutional strengthening, as well as strategies for the successful development and implementation of Moroccan wind and solar plans.

At the beginnings of PAREMA exports of renewable energy from Morocco to the European continent and projects such as DESERTEC were high on the agenda. With costs of renewable energy technologies falling, the focus today is on a mutual beneficial exchange of electricity.